Friday, March 19, 2010

WiiXplorer r142 & Forwarder 4

by Dimok, r-win

A multi device file explorer for the Wii by dimok and a GUI made with LibWiiGui by Tantric with graphics by NeoRame.

-USB2 support with cIOS202 installed
-SMB/USB/SD/DVD recursive copy/move/delete of files/directories with all files in it
-FAT and NTFS files systems support
-Rename files/directories
-Properties of files/directories
-Browse through SD/USB/SMB/DVD/WiiDisk
-Addressbar with path
-Multilanguage with custom font support
-Boot .dol/.elf files
-Supported Image Formats: PNG/JPEG/GIF/BMP/TPL/TGA/TIFF/GD/GD2
-Imageoperations zoom/slideshow
-WiiGameVideo playback
-ZIP/7zip/BNR/U8Archive browsing and decompressing
-Rar browsing
-Properties of archive files
-Textediting support
-Auto-Update feature

-Fixed crash on LZ77 archives and compressed sounds i made in R138
-Made U8Archive loadable from file without loading it completely into memory
-Added .arc extension to load U8Archives which are made by crediars u8archiver
-Changed extension for aiff format to .aif instead of .aiff
-Since there is a wav decoder now, converted the .pcm soundeffects to .wav
-Added some portlibs to the branches which can be compiled to a lib
-Removed libgd/libtiff/libntfs/libmad from the source and made libraries out of
them for faster compile. If you want to compile them, the source is in the
-Moved fonts/images/sounds out of the source folder into a data folder (it's not
source code ;))

CHANGELOG Forwarder v4
-Forwarder source updated and changed to the way WiiXplorer boots dols/elfs
-Updated png/pngu on the source
-Disabled USB shutdown on exit (Slow HDD wakeups should have more time now)
-NOTE: New Channel will probably follow soon. (For the last time hopefully)

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