Thursday, March 25, 2010

Splatter Castle 2010/03/24 B

by SpiderDave

Splatter castle is a platform game for Wii, still in development.

-Sound support is still early; currently limited to a single music track and no sound effects.
-Ability to save to the SD card.
-Kind of short, and lacking in enemy types.
-Enemy collisions are still a little awkward.

CHANGELOG 2010/03/24 B
-Oops, I included the wrong binary. Updated to fix.

CHANGELOG 2010/03/24
Early sound support.
Save points (removed lives system).
Removed weapon shop (the weapons will return in some form later)
New Enemies, new graphics
Candles/enemies can drop more than a basic weapon energy item (though the levels haven't been greatly updated for this yet)
Levels changed, redesigned
Parallax scrolling background
Breakable blocks
Stairs - crude and lacking proper graphics, but a good start.

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