Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alien Puzzle Wii Demo (3/24/10 Update)

The game concept is simple: You play as an alien, and you have to go through different mazes and collect as many gems as possible, then make it to the end of the level. The only problem: you can't stop moving once you've started. If you hit a wall, you will bounce off of it. If you hit a bomb, you lose a life. Lose all three lives and it's game over. If you beat the level, you can take your score on with you to the next level.

Features of this game include the following:
-A built in, behind the scenes, mp3 player (either from a sd card or flash drive with the music in a folder called mp3 or mp3s)
-The ability to create your own levels (level creator will be released with the first official release of the game)
-The ability to add custom backgrounds to your levels
-High Score table (with saving)
-Optional Motion Controls (can be enabled/disabled by pressing A at the main menu)
-Simple beeping sounds from the wii remote for certain things (can be enabled/disabled by pressing B at the main menu)
-A Dlc Shop with free download-able levels (can be accessed by pressing 1 at the main menu). Currently there are only two levels for download, with plans to add tons more

The newest version contains major updates and bug fixes. Update wise, there has been enormous progress:

-New menu graphics!!
-Dlc shop now includes a level preview
-Level Browser now includes a level preview
-Added support for sticky walls
-Added support for bouncy walls. These can be jumped over once a certain speed is achieved.
-Added MULTIPLAYER support
-Added Multiplayer level section to level select
-Added Multiplayer level Dlc section
-Levels can now be created in parts, meaning that in order to complete the whole level, you have to complete mini parts (currently only supports up to 99 level parts)
-A documentation was created for creating levels, game info, and more! (see below)
-The level creation tools were released as well! (see below)

Also, a multiplayer map was added, along with 4 other new single player levels: a car shaped level, a world shaped level, a bus shaped level, and a level where you have to make lots of choices. As usual, these are available via the dlc shop.

I'm currently working on a port of my game Alien Puzzle (originally for the Nintendo DS) to the Nintendo Wii. It's nearly complete, with graphics being one of the last parts for the first release (I am trying to make it look a bit neater). Since everything else for the first version is pretty much done, I thought I would go ahead and start gathering beta testers for it.

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