Sunday, March 14, 2010 v1 RC2, RC3 (Frodo)

by Simon Kagstrom is a Commodore 64 emulator written by Christian Bauer ( It was ported to the Wii by Simon Kagstrom, and many C64 games are fully playable on the Wii with it. So go ahead and beat your friends in International Karate, Boulder Dash or Bomb Jack. This version is not the same as Troy Davis implementation, but Troys work is available in a branch in the subversion tree.

The emulator works best in 480i mode. It runs perfectly fine in 576i mode as well, but does not utilize the full resolution. This is an SDL issue, and will not be fixed until SDL-Port supports it. Sound support is slightly buggy, but usable. The emulation itself is not perfect, so not all games will run under Frodo. Unfortunately, I cannot do very much about this since I haven't written the emulator - just ported it. If you have multiple versions of a game, try each of them as often at least one will work.

-(rc3) Reset the C64 on starting games
-(rc3) Pause automatically on menu enter
-(rc3) Various key binding fixes
-(rc3) Build against newer devkitppc to avoid some FAT corruption issues
-(rc2) Fix joystick input on the virtual keyboard
-(rc2) Automatically save game info on load screenshot timeout
-(rc2) Fix multiple key binding
-(rc2) New default GUI by Baboon
-(rc2) Fix t64 loading on the Wii
-Sound support for the network play
-New GUI
-Screenshot saving and game info
-All compile-time warnings have been fixed
-Much improved Linux support
-A million small changes here and there, basically all of the code is touched!
-(For the RC): Only wiimote is supported, not the classic controller or the nunchuk
-(For the RC): Please submit new GUI themes!
-Note: The directory for games has been moved to /frodo on the SD card root, so move all your d64 and t64's there.

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