Monday, March 15, 2010

Rokoban 0.9

by Zalo
Block moving puzzle game.

Zalo's Notes
I finished this version on December last year but I forgot to upload it. Well, not really. I didn't forgot I was just too lazy to do it. These are the new features added:
- New set of graphics for Wii and PC (I think the DS graphics were ok for the ds, but looked lame on my PC)
- Savegames (so now when you complete a level Rokoban will keep a record of it)
- Music and sound (finally, woo hoo!)
- Some memory leaks fixed

If you pay attention to the new character you'll see animation blending, skinning, texture animation in action :) Some other stuff I have been working on is not visible on the game. I have now a lot of debugging information that helps me a lot when I run the app in one of the platforms and I just receive a black screen (mainly asserts and memory leak detectors).

I think that's all :) Hope you enjoy it. You can find it in the downloads section as usually (there, on your right) or just here

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