Friday, April 30, 2010

Wii Construction Set (WCS) 1.0 alpha

by LordAshes
The purpose of the Wii Construction Set program (referred to as WCS hereafter) is to allow programmers to create projects using a sort of drag and drop pseudo code environment allowing complex actions (such as displaying graphics, animating graphics, moving graphics, reading the Wiimote information, detecting collisions, etc) to be performed easily with simple functions. Best of all, if a function does not exist in WCS the user always has the option of adding direct C code to his/her project to implement any missing functionality.

WCS is written as a code writing assistant. It uses its own unique C code template as a base and then adds to this additional functions based on the user project. A lot of hard work has been put into developing Wii compile tools, like the DevKitPro tool set, and it is not the intention of WCS to hide any of this hard work as its own code. As such WCS is designed only to create the necessary C code files for compiling the project but it does not actually perform any compiling. Having said that, instruction on how to install all the necessary components (DevKitPro and GRRLIB) are included and a MAKEFILE is provided to guide the compiling process. This means that if you follow the installation instructions correctly you should have no problems compiling the resulting C code into a Wii compatible executable file.

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