Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LibWiiSharp 0.21

by Leathl
libWiiSharp is a Wii related .NET (2.0+) library. It can be used with any .NET language to easily develop Wii related applications.

-Convert Wave to BNS sound (no BNS to Wave yet)
-Get required TPLs of brlan/brlyt files (no further handling yet)
-Transmit files to HBC
-Download titles from NUS
-Patch IOS (Fakesigning, ES_Identify, NAND Permissions)
-Compress/Decompress using Lz77 algorithm
-Handle IMD5/IMET headers
-Handle the following filetypes
--Certificate Chain
-Convert TPLs back and forth with the following formats
--RGBA8 (to / from)
--RGB565 (to / from)
--RGB5A3 (to / from)
--IA8 (to / from)
--IA4 (to / from)
--I8 (to / from)
--I4 (to / from)
--CI8 (from)
--CI4 (from)
--CI14X2 (from)
--CMP / S3TC (from)

-Fixed smpl region not read in Wave class

-Added support to pass streams
-Speed up in TPL conversion
-Further changes in TPL class (e.g. changed saving to be compatible with official TPL files)
-Fixed IA8 TPL code (from/to)
-Fixed CI14X2 TPL code (from)
-Added TPL conversion to CI4 and CI8
-Added BNS to Wave conversion
-Wave class completely rewritten

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