Monday, April 12, 2010

Reggie! - NSMBWii Level Editor (Release 2)

by Treeki, Tempus
Reggie! is an easy-to-use and full-featured level editor for New Super Mario Bros. Wii, created by Treeki and Tempus.

It works on Windows, Mac & Linux.

-Terrain editing
-Sprite editing, with over 1,200 properties available
-Entrance editing
-Image display for over 200 sprites
-Background options, with image previews
-Zone options
-Zoom, Grid and Autosave
-Settable level information
-Resizable and interactive level overview
-Location editing
-Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)
-Open-source (GNU General Public License v2)
-Riivolution loader for custom levels with original discs\

- Bug with Python 2.5 compatibility fixed.
- Unicode filenames and Stage folder paths should now work.
- Changed key shortcut for "Shift Objects" to fix a conflict.
- Fixed pasting so that whitespace/newlines won't mess up Reggie clips.
- Fixed a crash with the Delete Zone button in levels with no zones.
- Added an error message if an error occurs while loading a tileset.
- Fixed W9 toad houses showing up as unused in the level list.
- Removed integrated help viewer (should kill the QtWebKit dependency)
- Fixed a small error when saving levels with empty blocks
- Fixed tileset changing
- Palette is no longer unclosable
- Ctrl+0 now sets the zoom level to 100%
- Path editing support added (thanks, Angel-SL)

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