Wednesday, April 21, 2010

RaveWild 0.1

by ShinCrusader
RaveWild is a mix between a top-down shooter, a tower defense game (kinda), and a real-time strategy. You create three different units to protect you as invaders pour in at an increasing rate. Your job is to survive as long as you can. This is an alpha build, so be sure to give me constructive feedback so I can improve on it.

-Select and control different units using the Wiimote pointer.
-Watch AI-controlled units engage in combat against invaders!
-Units level up as they defeat invaders, growing stronger in the process.
-Select from three different units: Fighter, Sniper, and the immobile-but-durable Turret.
-Move your character around, command selected units to follow you as a defense or order them to assault their targets!
-My first homebrew game! That's always a nice extra on top. ^^

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