Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fools 2010

As many of you have discovered by now, this is a April Fools release. There is no such thing as "Hermes cIOSX rev20 202/222/223/249/250 v6 Installer", although many of you loved the idea of a unified installer from Waninkoko & Hermes.

We hope you had a good laugh!

Original Post
Topic: Hermes cIOSX rev20 202/222/223/249/250 v6 Installer

by Waninkoko, Hermes
Heremes and Waninkoko have teamed up to create a brand new Custom IOS that will replace both Waninkoko's cIOSX and Hermes' cIOS. This release has been in secret developement for several weeks now.

Full information is available in the download package.

Make sure to read "(READ FIRST) instructions" for installation instructions.
You run the risk of bricking your Wii if you don't.
MD5: B0AEFBAA06CE7B46E7BC3A659C79385D