Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dance Clone 0.2

by ThatOtherPerson

Dance Clone is a Dance Dance Revolution clone.

Use the D-Pad on either a wiimote, a Game Cube controller or ideally a Game Cube dance mat.

ThatOtherPerson's Notes
Here it is: the newly improved Dance Clone for Wii. There is still a LOT left to be done and its still far from being comparable to something like Step Mania or Dance Dance Revolution but I think its definitely a step up from the last release.

The main menu lists all the mp3 audio files located at /apps/DanceClone/Music/ and you can select what song you want to play using the wiimote cursor and the A button. For playing the actual game once the song start you can use the wiimote D-pad, A GameCube D-pad or a GameCube/Wii dance mat. Hit the home button at any time to exit.

As with the PC version the included song is “Dance, NOW!” by RekcahDam but the arrow placement file has been updated. There doesn’t seem to be the same delay before the audio starts as there is with the PC version (on my PC anyways) so I had to place the arrows 200 milliseconds earlier to keep them in sync with the song.

If you want to play a song that doesn’t yet have an arrow placement file then a menu will appear allowing you to quickly generate one. I’ll talk more about arrow placement later.


-added audio support and a song selection screen
-arrow placement is now loaded from a different file specific to which song is played rather then being placed randomly and differently every time
-there is a menu to set some simple parameters with for how arrows should be placed when generating an arrow placement file for any song that doesn't yet have one
-I rewrote everything so almost nothing is really exactly the same and I didn't get around to reimplementing any form of home menu

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