Monday, August 9, 2010

Yu-Gi-OH 5D Exploit Alpha

by ichflys
Here's a brand new exploit designed to hack system menu 4.3

- Play at least once YU-GI-OH 5D Wheelie Breaker.
- Delete the savegame file.
- Put the exploit files on a SD card at /private/wii/title/RYOP/
- Turn the Wii Homebrew Launcher boot.elf at the root of your SD.
- Copy HackMii Install in / apps / HackMii / on your SD.
- Copy the backup to the Wii: "Wii Options" -> "Data Management" -> "Data Protection" -> "Wii" -> "Console" then click on the icon of Yu Gi Oh and do "copy .
- Run the game YU-GI-OH 5D Wheelie Breaker and load the savegame file ...
- Your homebrew starts, choose HackMii.

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