Sunday, August 22, 2010

NanoMechas 0.7

by EvilTroopa, Olyfno
Multiplayer action game ! Fight alien viruses with NanoMechas

In year 20XX, aliens came to Earth to invade us humans.
Instead of showing massive artillery, they sent viruses to infect and kill all populations.

A few people could hide themselves in caves to prepare for counterstrike. Scientists created NanoMechas to fight infections from within the contamined people.
One there NanoArmy will be ready, they’ll kill the alien people from the inside.

- removed lifebars on infections
- corrected bug : with several players, all the pointers were the same colour
- corrected view centering when player dies
- dying animation added on infections
- updated dying animations on ennemies and mechas
- player can move on respawn and is invincible for a short period
- added longer invincibility when hurt
- ennemies no longer see through walls
- added timed hormones
- refactoring : no longer crashes for random reasons (almost ^^)
- bosses nerfed a little
- recentered user interface
- lifebars on the right go the right way now
- new more visible hormones icons (and visible timer added)

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