Sunday, August 15, 2010

DOP-Mii 13

by Arikado
DOP-Mii is a Wii HomeBrew program, originally known as DOP-IOS MOD, that lets the user perform several functions:
-Install or Delete any IOS including STUBs
-Install/Upgrade/Delete the following channels
#Shopping Channel
#News Channel
#Weather Channel
#Photo Channel 1.0 & 1.1
#Mii Channel
-Install any System Menu
-Install an IOS that accepts Fake Signing on a Wii that doesn't have one with a single button press
-Display your Wii's boot2 information
-Upgrade your Wii's boot2 if applicable.
-Receive a detailed report on your Wii's internal workings

You can control the program using the WiiMote, Classic Controller, or GameCube controller.

-Made all of the components in 4.3 available to install (with the exception of the System Menu)
-Changed the fakesign IOS installtion routine to support more users (including some on 4.3)
-Bugfix: The application should now be able to be used by users on 4.3

Upgrading System Menu to 4.3 is currently disabled as the System Menu will remove the Homebrew Channel.

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