Thursday, August 19, 2010

SaveGame Manager GX r82 & Forwarder v4

by dj_skual, Giantpune
Install/Extract saved game files. Based on Waninkoko's SaveGame Manager.

* Added a message to inform you when an error happend while the extract/install
All Saves/Miis process
* Added ErrorLog Class to create manageAll process error log file (you are
prompted to display this file after the process if an error is encountered)
* Fixed RemoveFolder() fonction if the folder path is not derminated by "/"
* Added ManageThrobber as Class
* Now you can change between displayed browsers by pressing B button
* Added WiiTDB to Credits
* Added Credits music volume to the sound settings
* Added AllNandMii delete() and AllDeviceMiiDelete() fonctions to delete all
miis in wii or from a folder on your storage device.
* Some little fix & sources clean

- Using IOS58 for the USB2 now
- Proper shutdown of the USB device at the end

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