Thursday, August 12, 2010

Homebrew Channel Themes

by various authors
Now you can choose your own themes for Homebrew Channel

To install a theme, download one from below and copy the files to the "apps" folder, just like a Homebrew App. As soon you start it from the HBC, the theme will be installed. It is stored in the HBC savegame on the Wii, so you can safely remove your SD, USB and everythign else without losing the theme.
If you remove the savegame from the Wii, your theme will be reset. You can also send the using Wiiload.

To create your own theme, extract a and replace the graphics. They need to have the same dimensions, filenames and filetypes as the orginals, else the images will be ignored and replaced by the original (Dark Waters) graphics.
The theme.xml contains information about colors for the text (globally used) and the progress bar. When you're done, you can put the images and theme.xml back into the, maybe add a meta.xml and icon.png and upload in here.

Please do not use copyrighted material for uploaded themes and also, don't upload background-only changes since they are pretty pointless.

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