Sunday, August 29, 2010

Revolution Engine 0.5.1

by Technik

Revolution Engine is the very First homebrew 3D Game Engine for Wii. It is directly based on GX without any GL wrapper or similars. Natively designed for Wii, is capable of generating best homebrew graphics ever seen on this games console.

-Better memory management
-Added an advanced screenshot function
-Added offClick onOver and offOver functions to buttons
-Added getType, getParent, getNext and getChild functions to N2D and NODE classes
-Improved directional lights constructor
new type(WINDOW) for 2d system
-Added a custom expansion for 2d nodes and 3d nodes. This will allow more flexibility.
-Increased flexibility of Tev system (now using more efficiently, same number of TEV stages let you do a little more)
-Lighing speed boost, speed up the engine about 8%

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