Saturday, February 27, 2010

OpenTyrianWii 1.7

by Molokai

This game is a port of OpenTyrian, based on the DOS sourcecode of the game Tyrian for MSDOS. OpenTyrian is an open source project built around the SDL library. This port uses Tantric's SDL port as its base.

Tyrian is an arcade-style vertical scrolling shooter. The player controls a space ship fitted with different weapons and enhanced energy shields. Money is earned by destroying enemies and grabbing bonuses, which is then used to purchase upgrades such as weapons, shields, energy generators, and different ships from interlevel menus. The game is fast paced and presents a variety of enemies and bosses.

-Full Wiimote+Nunchuk, Classic Controller, and USB Keyboard support, 95% GC Pad support.
-Wiimote horizontal capable.
-2 Player Arcade action.
-Full input choice (you can use any Wiimote, classic controller or GC pad, no matter the sync, as well as the keyboard).
-SD and SDHC support from the front SD slot.
-NEW - Fully configurable and savable button mappings for all controllers (see Custom Button Assignments for help).

-Impossible, Suicide, and Lord of Game difficulties now available by default in difficulty select menu.
-Change in onscreen keyboard startup and shutdown routine. Result is an increase in speed when loading the save/highscore name entry screens.
-Rich mode (a.k.a. loot) now accessible through "OpenTyrian" menu option.
-Latest changelog now included in meta.xml (for the benefit of the HBB users).
-Special Games/Modes menu added. Access by simultaneously pressing left and right sidekick assigned joystick buttons (or F15 on a keyboard, if you have one that far up). Includes choices for both Arcade ships (i.e. UNKNOWN, WEIRD, NORTSHIP, etc), as well as the two difficulty settings for ENGAGE (suicide and LOG). Will eventually include Destruct mode (2D tanks game), but since it's not rigged to work with joysticks at the moment, it's useless on the Wii.

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