Monday, February 15, 2010

ThemeMii 0.2

by Leathl
ThemeMii is a manager for Wii Themes.

The .NET Framework 2.0 is required to run this application!

It's currently able to:
-Load mym files and edit them
-Create new mym files
-Create a csm from any mym
-Create a mym from a csm
-Browse through base app's for path's (including TPL preview)
-Download base app's from NUS
-Automatically manage source's and image width and height

-Made the window resizable
-Added some basic instructions "? -> Help"
-Added ability to install a theme directly to a nand backup (Tools menu)
-Added option to Lz77 compress containers for smaller csm's (enabled by default!)
-Added option to keep the extracted base app (enabled by default!)
-Added save prompt when closing application (can be turned off)
-Added I4, I8, IA4 and IA8 as TPL formats (not compatible with MyMenu!!!)
-Fixed TPL formats (all images were RGB5A3 before, didn't matter what you selected)
-Fixed a bug when downloading base app
-Fixed previewing of Lz77 compressed non-tpl images (base app browsing)
-csm to mym: Fixed errors with Yaz0 compressed files
-csm to mym: Fixed forgotten containers in mym.ini

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