Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WiiXplorer r114

by Dimok, r-win

A multi device file explorer for the Wii by dimok and a GUI made with LibWiiGui by Tantric with graphics by NeoRame.

-USB2 support with cIOS202 installed
-SMB/USB/SD recursive copy/move/delete of files/directories with all files in it
-USB FAT and NTFS files systems support
-Rename files
-Properties of files/directories
-Browse through SD/USB/SMB
-Addressbar with path
-Multilanguage with custom font support
-Boot .dol/.elf files
-ZIP/RAR/7zip support
-Auto-Update feature

-Added a Receiver for DOL/ElF/Zip files from WiiLoad/SendElf which than asks you
if you want to boot the homebrew. The Zip file is extracted and searched for a
dol/elf file in it. The dol/elf must be in the root of the zip.
Receiver is listening on port (4299) like HBC.
-Bug fix in FST rereading (thanks to dude)
-Fix the way too fast zooming on ImageViewer
-Fixed the freeze of Waiting for SMB window and a blackscreen on exiting the app
due to that.
-Fixed last line in text not editable/clickable or being wrong
-Fixed crash on trying to edit empty text

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