Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wii.cs Tools 0.3

by Leathl

A collection of various Wii.cs tools.

-WadMii - Packs and Unpacks Wad files
-U8Mii - Packs and Unpacks U8 archives (including headers and Lz77 (De)compression)
-UltimateU8 - Advanced U8 Editor
-TplMii - Converts images to Tpl and vice versa (including Tpl preview)
-Lz77Mii - Compresses and Decompresses files using the Lz77 algorithm
-DolMii - Inserts a new Dol file into a wad (Uses Waninkokos Nandloader)

-Note: License upgraded to GPL v3!
-Compiled with latest version of Wii.cs, this basically means several bugfixes initially made for CustomizeMii and ShowMiiWads

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