Saturday, July 7, 2012

DIOS MIOS v2.0 *Update 4*

by Team Dios Mios
  Use DIOS MIOS to run Gamecube games from SD

  • Load Gamecube ISOs from USB device
  • Load extracted Gamecube ISOs from USB device
  • Load Gamecube Discs
  • Emulate Memorycard (NoMoreMemory)
  • Cheat codes
  • USBGecko debugging
  • Changeable configuration of various settings
  • Reset/Power off via GC controller key combo
  • Real-NAND and emu-NAND support
  • Fixed a bug which copied BI2 to the wrong address (fixes Pikmin)
  • (2012-06-29):
  • Fixed the Muppet error
  • Fixed some video stuff in GCLoader
  • Added a new method of video mode forcing
  • PADHook patch is now working for retail discs again
  • Removed video mode force code from GCLoader
  • Removed VIConfigure sane mode switch patch
  • Added EHCI retry code, which should fix a few more USB devices that weren't working before.
  • Fixed a DSI crash when using the progressive mode.
  • Fixed prog mode patch
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the SRAM settings to be flushed
  • Added a patch which fixes a green screen in certain cases
  • Improved the USB/EHCI code, it now retries if an USB device fails to initialise.
  • Fixed some memory leaks

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