Saturday, July 7, 2012

DIOS MIOS Lite v1.5

by WiiPower, obcd, scooby74029, OverjoY, conanac, emu_kidid, exp0wnster
Use DML to run Gamecube games from SD

  • Load Gamecube ISOs from SD card
  • Load extracted Gamecube ISOs from SD card
  • Load Gamecube Discs
  • Emulate Memorycard (NoMoreMemory)
  • Cheat codes
  • USBGecko debugging
  • Changeable configuration of various settings
  • Reset/Power off via GC controller key combo
  • Real-NAND and emu-NAND support

  •     added support for CARDDeleteFast,CARDRename and CARDGetXferredBytes
  •     updated CARD patches for CARDGetXferredBytes
  •     removed USBGecko debug output, which should fix mic (can't test have no mic)
  •     added save hack for Baten Kaitos
  •     removed DoPatchesLoader, DoPatches now handles everything
  •     updated DoPatches
  •     removed boot.bin loader method (has nothing to do with game.iso loading)
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