Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WiiXBall 1.0

by KMS

WiiX-Ball is based on and is dedicated to the fans of the well-known breakout game DX-Ball for the PC. The controls are very simple - just point the Wii remote at the screen to move the paddle and press A or B to fire the ball. You can also twist the Wii remote (as if twisting a key) to slightly alter the ball's direction. Up to 4 players can control the game at the same time. Please leave comments and bug reports on the discussion page. If you have any ideas for future versions of this game, please feel free to share them.

-50 boards
-27 different power-ups
-Up to 4-player simultaneous control
-Realistic collisions
-Wiimote rumble feedback
-Sounds on the Wiimotes (in beta)
-Players can join/leave in-game (hold (-) button)
-Original DX-Ball graphics and sounds as well as some new ones
-Cool in-menu animations
-High-score list
-Nice in-menu music
-Letterbox rendering mode for CRT TV's

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