Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TinyLoad 0.2

by marcan
A region-free original Wii game loader in 4096 bytes.

TinyLoad is a simple original Wii game launcher. You run it, it launches whatever's inserted into the drive. Simple. It ignores game regions, so it's region-free. It won't install updates. It won't load burned copies. There are no controls or settings.

The user interface shows two things: progress, and error status. A white bar across the bottom of the screen shows the current (rough) progress. If an error is detected, a portion of the top of the screen will turn red. It will then attempt to launch The Homebrew Channel (only applies to recent versions with the JODI Title ID). If this fails then it will simply hang.

If the launcher freezes with the progress bar visible and no red error box, then you've probably hit a bug. Try the debug version if you have a USB Gecko.

If it freezes with a black screen after the progress bar has reached its endpoint and disappeared, then the game itself is freezing.

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