Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wart 2.8 - New Super Mario Bros Tileset Editor

by creffca

Here's an early version of my tileset editor to keep some of you busy while we wait for reggie to be released!! Functionality is slightly limited as of now, but its enough to import/export tileset images and copy tiles around. Collision properties for each tile can be edited as well. Many more features are planned including object editing to allow for fully customizable object sets/graphics. Keep in mind this is still an early build and is prone to crashing during certain file operations (namely, if you try to open something that isn't the correct file type or doesn't exist).

-Object editor now saves objects
-Loading iso's with spaces might work...
-Added reward for finding the easter eggs
-Did I mention objects save now?

-Finally fixed the freakin tilesheet display
-Images now must be 384x384 (sorry!)
-Improved collision editor
-Added object explorer
-Sleeker layout

-Fixed a bug in the import image code. Minor stuff really.

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