Thursday, December 10, 2009

LibELM 1.4

by SquidMan

LibELM is a FAT driver, like libfat. However, LibELM is based on the amazing ELM FAT driver by ChaN. LibELM does NOT use a devoptab and as such, does not use the stdio functions (fopen, fread, etc.), but uses it's own. You can find all the information on how to use LibELM here:

Creator's Notes
Here's 1.4. It's certainly not complete as I wanted it to be before
release, but it's as good as I'll probably work on for a while. Please
report all bugs on the Issues page. Thank you very much for flying LibELM,
and have a great flight.

-Many bugs should be fixed, and several new features have been added. Check it out.
-Requires the latest ┬ÁSync and has a version header too.

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