Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ForwardMii 1.01 - Plugin for CustomizeMii

by Leathl
This is a plugin for CustomizeMii to create forwarders. Put it in CustomizeMii's directory.

It can create simple SD / SDHC forwarders that will point to one ELF or DOL file.

It's also able to create complex forwarders based on the official USB Loader GX
forwarder (Needs devkitPPC + libOGC installed). It will look for the DOL or ELF
in the specified folder on USB and SD, you can change the order it searches.

It can also display an image while loading.

If it fails to compile, you may have the wrong libOGC, try the one downloadable on
the CustomizeMii project page.

-Fixed bug that caused an object error while creating forwarders

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