Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wiituka 0.98.8

by D_Skywalk

Wiituka (Pituka CPC Emulator) is the first release of a fantastic emulator of this 8bit computer, developed by D_Skywalk

-It's like real an Amstrad CPC 6128.
-A comfortable Interface that tries to resemble "Virtual Console"
-With online support, download your games from coach.
-First emulator with CPC Gunstick Emulation (Yeah!)
-And the first Wii program that emulates a Green Monitor (Wtf!?!)

CHANGLOG v0.98.8
-Bug fixes in libogc/grrlib
-Page can be changed with + and -
-Added option to avoid connect to internet
-Added internal mp3 player
-Participates in Scenery beta 2009

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