Wednesday, September 2, 2009

RawkSD 2.01

by The RawkSD Team

RawkSD allows you to install custom songs as DLC onto an SD card, to be played in Rock Band 2. It also allows importing songs from Rock Band 1 and all Guitar Hero games.

-Easy to use PC and Wii installers for customizing Rock Band 2
-Supports custom songs made for Rock Band and Guitar Hero games
-Allows you to play any song from Rock Band and Guitar Hero game discs in Rock Band 2 (15 games in all!)

-Guitar Hero 5, World Tour, Metallica, and Smash Hits support added
-RawkSD Patcher has been updated to support ripping from Playstation 2 discs
-Complete fixes made for custom charts on all difficulties
-It's suggested that you use the Replace Files feature to re-import all your custom audio and charts
-More tagging info done (thanks again to tw3nz0r and BHK)
-The Wii RawkSD Installer has been totally revamped
-No more need for the PC during installs.
-Added integrated disc ripping support to SD and USB
-New option to backup and restore your savegame

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