Wednesday, September 2, 2009

knowledge 0.1.1

by razor85

Knowledge is an engine i been creating in my spare time since August, 31 of 2008. The goal is to make a practical and fast engine where developers can feel comfortable and do things in a organized way. The engine features over 40.000 lines of C/C++/ASM code, its multi platform, contains abstraction to common objects (sprites, models, particles), hardware acceleration for 3D operations and dynamic data type loaders. The full source is organized and documented in both Doxygen and html manuals. Thanks for looking for knowledge and if possible, let me know about your bugs and general usage experience.

RĂ´mulo Fernandes.

-Supports Nintendo Wii and Pc (GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows).
-Object Oriented clean API.
-Common math routines such as vectors and matrices (accelerated by hardware).
-Customizable render pipeline.
-iD Software Doom 3 MD5 Models with skeletal animations.
-iD Software Quake 3 MD3 Models with vertex animations.
-Multi pass texturing.
-Easy debugging.
-XML Parsing by tinyXML.
-Rendering to Texture.
-Material, Texture and Resource managers.
-FreeImage on Pc and PNG/JPEG/TPL on Wii.
-3D Sprites.
-Particle Systems.
-Skyboxes and Skyplanes.
-Frustrum culling.
-High precision timers.
-Easy file parsing and loading.

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