Friday, September 11, 2009

GuitarsOnFire 1.0

by Daid

Guitars On Fire is a Guitar Hero clone, like Guitarfun and FretsOnFire. It uses Frets On Fire compatible songs, which can be found all over the internet. Everything is released under GPL.

-Practice mode
-Versus mode
-Last man standing mode
-50/100/150/200 streak effect
-GuitarHero World Tour Drums support
-Experimental USB support (No idea if it works, enable it in the settings menu)
-Saving settings
-Saving of top scores and showing which songs you have compleeted already in the song list.

-Song selection redone (now returns to where you last where)
-Default neck is now gray
-Custom stages can supply a own neck/effect texture and note 3D models.
-Ajusted the hammeron note generation, makes less hammerons
-Fixed crash bug related to audio. Also fixed a few causes where the audio would get out of sync.
-Make sure there is a bit of time after the game start before the first song.
-Many tiny things I forgot.

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