Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wii64 Beta 1

by Team wii64

Port of the popular multi-OS N64 emulator, Mupen64, to the Nintendo Gamecube and Wii through the libOGC library. The emulator is planned to use dynamic recompilation of the N64 machine code to PowerPC (the Gamecube/Wii's ISA) and full hardware accelerated graphics to (hopefully) achieve full-speed emulation.

The emulator can be controlled with any combination of GC controllers, Classic Controllers, and Wiimotes with Nunchuks (sorry, Wiimotes must have nunchuks). See the included readme for details on the controls. You can load ROMs (only uncompressed) and saves from a FAT formatted SD or USB (details on the folders required are in the readme).

-Dynamic Recompiler
-Expansion Pak Support (Wii only)
-New menu system
-Classic Controller support
-Wiimote & nunchuck support
-Settings saving
-Auto load/save option for saves
-rsp_hle RSP Plugin Port
-rsp_hle-ppc RSP Plugin
-glN64 features & bugfixes
-glN64 frame buffer textures (e.g. Zelda sub screen)
-glN64 CPU Frame buffer (for homebrew demos)
-libDI Wii DVD ROM loading support
-Full TLB on Wii
-Many many bug fixes
-MEM2 ROM Cache for Wii improved (512MBiT ROM support)
-Memory LUTs compacted

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