Sunday, January 9, 2011

Schism Tracker - 2011/01/01

by Storlek

Schism Tracker is an editor and player for tracked music (IT, XM, S3M, MOD, etc.), heavily based on the look and feel of the DOS program Impulse Tracker.

Schism Tracker is a free reimplementation of Impulse Tracker, a program used to create high quality music without the requirements of specialized, expensive equipment, and with a unique "finger feel" that is difficult to replicate in-part. The player is based on a highly modified version of the Modplug engine, with a number of bugfixes and changes to improve IT playback.

- Happy New Year! This is mostly for Windows users, as there was a huge
file-corruption problem which I hadn't noticed, plus a couple other small
changes. Aside from that, nothing major since last month.

- Fixed a MASSIVE problem with file saving code that destroyed any files it
wrote! (because of the stupid distinction between binary and text files,
- Fixed another tangentially related bug which stuffed increasing numbers of
newlines in the config file when saving. As a side effect the config file
will appear trashed in Notepad; just use something more competent (such as
Wordpad) and it'll be fine.
- Default directory if you haven't saved your config is now "My Documents"
rather than "Application Data". The config file / fonts / etc. are still
in the same place.
- Packages are now bundled with a different sdl.dll, which should fix some
strange bugs, such as producing "ding" noises when alt-keys are pressed

- The --diskwrite flag wasn't mentioned anywhere in the manpage. Now it is!
- Fixed "stacking up" on Ctrl-F2 dialog with multiple keypresses

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