Sunday, January 9, 2011

DragonMedia Player 0.21 alpha

by Dragonminded
Media player for Wii.

* Added checking for share names and name correction on invalid share names
* Fixed issue with inability to load custom cursors
* Fixed memory leak with ym file source
* Fixed crash bug on ejecting certain media types and playing a song near a tracked module
* Fixed media seek location flying out of whack when abnormal conditions occur
* Shares no longer disappear and reappear if they can't be found

Supported Formats :
Currently, this list is limited, as I have tried to set up the application framework before porting codecs. I am working on getting more formats such as aac/m4a integrated, and I am interested in supporting as many strange formats as possible even beyond what is already implemented.
* ay * flac * gbs * gym * hes * it * kss * mod * mp1 * mp2/mpa * mp3 * nsf * ogg * s3m
* sap * sc68 * sid * snd * sndh * spc * vgm * wav * xm * ym
DMP also supports a few playlist types.
* m3u * pls

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