Sunday, January 23, 2011

RSSMii 1.2

by main()
RSS Feeds on the Wii.

Getting started¶

1. Extract the archive you downloaded to your SD-Card. The archive represents the root of the SD-Card.
2. Create a "feeds.xml" in the root of your SD-Card.

The "feeds.xml"¶

Here you see a sample-"feeds-xml"-file:

?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?
feed url="" name="Example-Feed" /
feed url="" name="One more Example-Feed!" /

You can add as many feed-nodes as you want. The "name"-Attribute will be displayed on top of the message at the Wii-Messageboard, so it is recommended to cut that REALLY SHORT because there's hardly any space.
Launching rssmii¶

1. Launch rssmii in the Homebrew-Channel or any other launcher of your choice (I thought of custom channels, so launching this won't result in a CodeDump-Error on exit!)
2. You see the RSS-Feeds listed in the "feeds.xml"
3. When you now press A, every previous subscriptions to RSS-Feeds will be overwritten by subscriptions to the Feeds listed in the "feeds.xml".
4. Everything's finished - You should now be receiving updates at those RSS-Feeds at the Wii-Messageboard!

RSSMii 1.2 The substrate should fix the bug with empty messages (I have tested it one night and not get).

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