Sunday, January 23, 2011

MLlib 1.3

by minishlink

The MLlib (or Minishlink's Library) is a simple library to develop on Nintendo Wii. Technically, it's a wrapper of libogc and others librairies. Coding with this lib on Wii is way easier and faster now ! :-) The author created this because he needed a library with he could code with easy functions. It uses GX for drawing, libpng for handling PNG, and libs of libogc...

-Proper code so that it's nice to see;
-Easy for all;
-Friendly functions;
-Handles drawing;
-Sprite system;
-Handles PNG images;
-Special effects;
-Write graphically text;
-MP3 system;
-MOD system;
-Input (Wiimote, Nunchuk, and extensions...) system;
-And much more...

Compatible with DevkitPPc r22, libogc 1.8.6 and libfat 1.0.8.
-FreeTypeGX updated (0.3.1)
-Metaphrasis updated (0.1.2)
-uthash updated (1.9.1)
-fixed: ML_AnimateSpriteEx & ML_AnimateSpriteEx2
-added: ML_EnableTextureAntiAliasing() (AA is disabled by default)
-added: ML_DisableTextureAntiAliasing()
-modified: ML_DrawRect() now can be filled or not (and bug with color fixed)
-added: ML_DrawCircle(x, y, radius, rgba, filled)
-fixed: Issue #1 (finally! :D).
-fixed: possible buffer overflow with sprite texts.
-fixed: sprite texts were not at the right y coordinate.
-fixed: no more skipped characters with sprite texts when auto jumping lines. (and textBox)
-improved: TTF text speed-up
-fixed: Underline and strike now applying well when jumping lines with TTF fonts
-fixed: Jumping lines correctly with TTF fonts.
-fixed: anti-aliasing with modified textures
-added: u32 ML_ElapsedTime()
-added: ML_Wait(ms)
-fixed: possible code dump with ML_DrawRect() (forgot GX_End, lol)
-fixed: ML_ElapsedTime() now returns the true elapsed time since the app launch (not since Wii launch)
-modified: ML_DrawText -> You can now use arguments !
-modified: ML_DrawText -> Use \n and \t instead of %n and %t, also use #cX instead of %cX
-updated: template Makefile, now type "make emu" and if you have Dolphin Emulator installed, the dol will load immediately ! :)
-fixed: Code dump when using ML_DrawText(), you have to use #n and #t instead of \n and \t, sorry.
-fixed: possible weird things happening on the screen
-Added strucutre ML_TextInfo to store infos about a text to be drawn (width, height, numbers of characters that will be printed) returned by ML_GetTextInfo()
documentation update

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