Sunday, July 4, 2010

They Do Not Die 0.3

by ThatOtherPerson
This is a very fun circle zombie killing homebrew game.

ThatOtherPerson's Notes
There is an added level selection screen and all four of the maps from the PC version have been included. There is a level viewer (which will in the future become an editor). There is improved character sprite rotation. There are now progress bars to represent how much health and energy you have (which I find is a lot easier to quickly glance at rather then needing to read the numbers). I’ve started some test work with real time shadows (its a bit slow but you can hold down the 2 button to make the walls cast shadows). I also tweaked the speed of pretty much everything (movement speeds, health regeneration, how quickly excessive energy consumption harms you, etc) and I’ve began the process of making the game frame rate independent (movement speeds per frame adjusts based on how many frames are passing per second).

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