Saturday, July 17, 2010

SNEEK Installer 0.1 beta 4

by crediar
SNEEK Installer installs all required files onto your SD card. This is a windows applications.

Sneek redirects all NAND access on a Wii to an SD card. It also brings its own ES module which allows unsigned content to be installed.

- Updated to support IOS80
- Added linux build

- Updated to support IOS80
- Added linux build

- Removed a debug hexdump
- Attempt to fix issue 50

- Updated linker file to IOS80
- Added a check in ES_DIVerify to prevent that disc TMDs always overwrite TMDs present in NAND (MK-Channel, WiiFit-Channel)
- Fixed a bug which would delete a content file during ES_AddTitleFinish if the content file was non-shared and already present
- Fixed some castings
- Replaced some pointer-madness with struct code
- Changed booting of BC a bit
- Optimised ISFS_Init a bit
- Fixed a bug in ES_DIVerify which caused a corrupted TMD path to be created

System Menu:
- Added a new WPad pattern
- Added support for 4.3U/E

- Updated linker file to IOS80

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