Thursday, May 13, 2010

WiiXplorer r159

by Dimok, r-win

A multi device file explorer for the Wii by dimok and a GUI made with LibWiiGui by Tantric with graphics by NeoRame.

-USB2 support with cIOS202 installed
-SMB/USB/SD/DVD recursive copy/move/delete of files/directories with all files in it
-FAT and NTFS files systems support
-Rename files/directories
-Properties of files/directories
-Browse through SD/USB/SMB/DVD/WiiDisk
-Addressbar with path
-Multilanguage with custom font support
-Boot .dol/.elf files
-Open TXT/XML/MP3/OGG files
-Supported Image Formats: PNG/JPEG/GIF/BMP/TPL/TGA/TIFF/GD/GD2
-Imageoperations zoom/slideshow
-WiiGameVideo playback
-ZIP/7zip/BNR/U8Archive browsing and decompressing
-Rar browsing
-Properties of archive files
-Textediting support
-Auto-Update feature

Experemental Commit:
There were a lot of changes in this rev. I can't remember all but mainly:

*Fix for THP crash on unsupported/unloadable files
*Few fixes in the TextEditor
*Main AudioCore change. A lot of changes in the audio playback.
*Playback of audio now directly from the device possible. This makes the
playback of any filesize possible for the supported formats. There is a settings
to load the files to memory first and play them from there (old way).
*Tooltip Class added (no tooltips added to buttons yet, a bit lazy :P)
*Fix for googlecode update

NOTE: The audio changes were a bit instable for me. That is why this is an
experemental commit.
Please report if the playback is ok or not for you and also what else is better
and what is worse. In the Settings there are also a few soundbuffer options
which you could play with to adjust and report the best configs for you. If
these new modifications to the core of sound playback won't work out, they might
get reverted.

NOTE2: You will need to update to this revision manually. Due to a few changes
from google on the googlecode site the autoupdater doesn't work anymore. This is fixed in the new revision for future releases.

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