Saturday, May 29, 2010

SwingBall 1.0

by ThatOtherPerson

A time trail, swinging game.

ThatOtherPerson's Notes
Sorry for the videos horrific frame rate. Its actually a video of the game running on a PC and I haven’t been able to find a decent screen recording program aside from fraps (which only works with things using OpenGL and DirectX).

I fixed a few little things. Added additional menus and made some improvements to the one menu screen that did already exist. Added a screen pointing out the games use of the nunchuk controller (a commenter on GBAtemp felt that it wasn’t clear enough). Just like the nintendomax splash screen that comes before it you can skip past the nunchuk screen by pressing the A button. There are no real significant changes to the gameplay. I tweaked a few of the levels a little bit. added sound effects. lowered the volume of the music to make the sound effects more audible. I also smoothed out the blue trail that follows you to make it less pixelated.

If you make your own levels (all you need to do is make a BMP file and drop it into the levels folder) then I would love to see them. It would be cool to have a pack of community made levels to include the next time I update the game.

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