Friday, May 7, 2010

MPlayer CE 0.77 r590

by Scip, Rodries, tipolosko, AgentX, Ludovic Orban, Tantric, Blue_K, metaradil

IMPORTANT NOTE: This an SVN update of v0.77. Just add the boot.dol & all the other files to your existing 0.76 package in folder "mplayer_ce".

MPlayer CE is an unofficial port of the very popular multimedia player for various platforms including Windows and Linux. This Nintendo Wii port features the same compatibility that the other versions offer, but is limited in some aspects as it can't playback some high resolution videos due to the processing power of the Wii.

MPlayer CE will allow you to watch various movies in different formats on your Nintendo Wii including AVI, DIVX, XVID, MPEG2 and DVD Videos. It actually supports a huge range of formats and can playback media from DVDs, SD Cards, USB drives and over your local area network using Samba (SMB) shares. MPlayer CE also allows you to listen to radio streams over the Internet and watch YouTube.

-Upstream sync. [MPlayer r31139 / FFmpeg r23040]
-Backported code from WiiMC.
-Started refactoring gx_supp.
-Added dynamic textures heap.
-Added support for all planar YUV formats.
-Rewrote OSD blitting function.
-Added new vertical synchronization method.
-Other minor fixes and changes.

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