Sunday, May 16, 2010

Linkinworm - "Wormoid" "Warrior Reign" (MP3)

by Linkinworm, Violator

Linkinworm the well known musical composer of the cIOSX Installer songs has contacted and informed We Brew Wii that he and his friend Violator have created two new great songs.

The first is called "Wormoid", which is a electronica style song.

The second song is called "Warrior Reign" which is a rock genre song. It's a pre-release version. The final version will be released in the near future.

If you love his previous songs, you are definitely going to love these ones.


The first upload of "Warrior Reign" was corrupted by Mediafire because the original first ZIP uploaded was not broken. The file has been re-uploaded and extracts fine now. Thanks for the heads up XFlak.

Sorry for the typo in the file name. Should be "linkinworm"


DOWNLOAD MP3 (Wormoid)(Warrior Reign - Pre-release)
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