Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dance Clone 0.3

by ThatOtherPerson

Dance Clone is a Dance Dance Revolution clone.

Use the D-Pad on either a wiimote, a Game Cube controller or ideally a Game Cube dance mat.

ThatOtherPerson's Notes
I got around to doing some more on Dance Clone.

You can import sm (StepMania) format step files now. Its incomplete and wont fully (or perhaps even at all) work with some files but should work with the majority of sm files. I was using “Burning Me Up” (its part of one of the contest winning song packs at www.stepmania.com though I don’t remember which one) for testing and it works perfectly with it.

There are now five difficulty modes just like with most DDR style games.

There are a bunch of changes and additions in terms of menus. There is a title screen now along with a credits screen and now you can select to create new replacement step files for songs that already have one (rather then needing to exit the game and manually delete the file).

There is a home menu (the menu that comes up when you hit the home button) now and along with being able to exit the game and do stuff like that from the home menu you can also take screen shots with it (png or bmp format).

There are some other little changes also.

-Added the ability to import SM (StepMania) format step files.
-The scrolling Boo/Good/Perfect ratings are now properly cleared out when a song ends or is exited rather then remaining and waiting for you to start a new song.
-Added text at the bottom of the screen displaying your performance.
-Added support for up to five different step placement tracks per song to allow for multiple difficulties.
-Step files used by the game now use a dc file name extension rather then dat. They must also now include information on what difficulty mode steps are to be associated with.
-An added title screen along with several other added or updated in game menus. The song selection menu for example now allows you to scroll threw available songs when there are too many to display on screen at once.
-Added a home menu screen from which you can return to the game, return to the homebrew loader, restart your Wii, turn off your Wii, save a screenshot in BMP format or do the same as a PNG format image. The home menu also displayed the time and date.

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