Thursday, August 20, 2009

MPlayer CE 0.75

by Scip, Rodries, tipolosko, AgentX, DJDynamite123, Ludovic Orban, Tantric, Brakken, Blue_K

MPlayer CE is an unofficial port of the very popular multimedia player for
various platforms including Windows and Linux. This Nintendo Wii port
features the same compatibility that the other versions offer, but is limited
in some aspects as it can't playback some high resolution videos due to the
processing power of the Wii.

MPlayer CE will allow you to watch various movies in different formats on
your Nintendo Wii including AVI, DIVX, XVID, MPEG2 and DVD Videos. It
actually supports a huge range of formats and can playback media from DVDs,
SD Cards, USB drives and over your local area network using Samba (SMB)
shares. MPlayer CE also allows you to listen to radio streams over the

This port is based on the original work of Team Twiizer's MPlayer Wii port
and uses code from [rOn]'s MPlayer Wii port along with code from GeeXbox. It is currently maintained by Scip, tipolosko, rodries, AgentX & DJDynamite123.

While there are numerous ports and versions of MPlayer for the Nintendo Wii
its hard to tell which one to use, but this one is being heavily developed
and surpases the other versions due to its performance, optimizations and

-FTP support added (thanks to hax)
-NTFS support added for USB and SD (thanks to Shareese)
-SMB speed improved
-Hopefully finally eradicated the freezing bug
-Fixed noise bug when loading another stream

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