Monday, August 10, 2009

BootMii Configuration Editor 2.4

by pembo

BootMii configuration editor allows you to change the values in the /bootmii/bootmii.ini file without having to take out the SD card and edit it on a PC.

You can change:
video mode
auto boot option
boot delay time
Currently the application always rewrites the bootmii.ini file when you save the options.

-Automatic download/updating of application when a new version is released
-Additional option in the settings menu (accessed via the ‘home’ button). This option allows to enable/disable the automatic update/version checking and is particularly useful if you run this on a wii without an internet connection
-Settings File paths are now resolved from the argv/argc parameters when supplied from the loader (N.B. the homebrew channel does provide these). If not supplied then a default location of 'SD:/apps/Bootmii_cfg_ed‘ is assumed

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