Thursday, August 6, 2009

MP3+G Player 0.94 (Karaoke)

by kriogeN

MP3 & Karaoke player for the Nintendo Wii

-Fixed a bug with the command LoadCLUT, which do not draw that caused the beginning of some songs.

Things pending
-The command Scroll (Preset and Copy)

With the B-back directory
With the song you select a menu option.
With the buttons above and below the knob, you move through the menu.
With the Home button to leave the song menu and the menu at HBC.
With 1-button reloads the contents of the SD.
With 2-button reloads the contents of the DVD. (Necessary and DVDX disc ISO9660/Joliet)
With the + button reloads the contents of the USB.
With the button - go to the menu selection device.

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