Wednesday, February 22, 2012

postLoader 3.66.1

by Gestern, stfour
postLoader is intended to be an extension to priiloader autoboot feature. It aims to replace Forwarders and HB Channel.

* If started from priiloader it gains AHPBROT and spawn full hardware rights to homebrew applications
* Autoboot your default application/channel: If you don't press (A) in time to enter in interactive mode, postLoader will launch the predefined app (if enabled)
* Direct access to BOOTMII
* Support costom splash screen (only from SD device)
* Full support for UNEEK environment. May work under SNEEK
* Support for Wiimote and GC controllers
* Intergrated UNEEK nand switcher
* wiiload update: If you send postLoader.dol via wiiload, postloader installation will be updated (after confirmation). oneek2o advanced support
* USB Access for HOMEBREW (see historii.txt for important notices)
* Multiple nand support for different region games
* Built in game cache rebuilder (partially implemented, see historii.txt) Uneek+DI game browser (see historii.txt)
* Support covers
* Support title vote USB Loaders forwarder
* Support cfg, gx and wiiflow (actually wiiflow crash)
* Support covers
* Support title vote
* Support ios selection Homebrew:
* HB Channel replacement: It can be used to browse homebrew application, with it own interface.
* Dangerous homebrews can be hidden
* Full support for meta.xml arguments and all other tags.
* It support subfolders (see notes)
* Can browse SD and USB device (FAT32 on first/active partition)
* WiiLoad support (straight, compressed dol, zip archieve) Titles:
* Nand emulation (ciosx/waninkoko on slot 249)
* AHBPROT is need for real nand browsing (otherwise ios249 is used)
* Wii System Channel replacemente: Can browse and run Channels, WiiWare and VC.
* Can run Titles from real and emulated NAND on SD or USB with folder support
* Titles can be sorted voted and/or hiddened
* Support interactive application sorting
* Sort titles by vote/name
* Titles filters (System channels/wiiware/neogeo/c64... etc)
* Fast titles search
* Download title icons from wiitdb
* Alternat nand folder support (other that classic root)

postLoader 3.66.1
* Fixed a bug introduced in 3.66.0 that make covers do not updated correctly in game mode if page != 0
* Lowered to 32Kb and aligned to 32 bit the copy buffer for files. Gained some Kb/sec during game copy.

postLoader 3.66.0
* Reintroduced online update. Now updates are in zipped format and can contain all files that need to be updated. Press [home]->check online for updates
* dml: sd->usb crosscheck allows 2Kb of difference to let gct codes to be stored only on sd.
* dml: multiple disc is now supported. The only folder name scheme supported is the one from discex
* code clean and refinement

postLoader 3.65.0
* dml: added cache... no more wait time. Cache, as usual, must be rebuilt manually (or automatically when install a game from usb to sd or remove a game)
* dml: added an option to remove a game from sd (press [B] on the game)
* dml: some little optimization on ui when searching for games
* priibooterGUI 1.0b: added different way to call HBC

postLoader 3.64.0
* wbfs scanner: again more checking
* neekbooter 1.2: there is an error on neekbooter 1.1. I forgot to delete 'nandpath.bin' on return to menu'.

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