Saturday, February 4, 2012

ModMii 6.0.0

by X-Flak, wiiNinja, WB3000, Leathl
ModMii, formerly known as NUS Auto-Downloader, is able to download all the files needed to modify ANY Wii (4.3U/E/J/K and Below); it can generate custom guides based on your Wii's specifications, and save the files to your SD Card in their appropriate locations for easy offline softmodding.

Literally run the program once, let it download,
and you have all the files you need on your SD card to modify your Wii

•It can download all the files necessary to Modify, Upgrade & Downgrade your Wii System Menu.
•Download individual IOS/cIOS files, Official Wii Channels, System Menus, Multi Mod Manager, YAWMM, Dop-Mii, both versions of Bannerbomb, Hackmii Installer etc.
•Install patched IOSs without an wifi connection on your Wii
•This includes an easy to follow Custom guide to setting up a USB-Loader (including how to format/partition your external hard drive)
•Install SNEEK, build emulated NANDs, and Batch Extract Wii\Gamcube Games for use with SNEEK+DI or UNEEK+DI
•Customize Bootmii, Wad Manager and MMM start-up settings using ModMii Configurators to create a custom config files
•This is also capable of building many different System Menu Themes (csm's and themed SM Wads) using the appropriate 000000**.app for your system menu (also applies to emulated NANDs)
•Provides solutions for the upside-down homebrew channel and the HackMii installer No Vulnerable IOS problems
•Advanced Custom Downloads Feature will allow you to easily patch and change the slot/version of IOSs/cIOSs. It can also build 3 different types of forwarder dol's and iso's (only use this feature if you know what you are doing!!)


6.0.0 Changelog:
•ModMii now comes bundled with ModMii Skin, a GUI wrapper that uses\requires "ModMii Classic". Not all features of ModMii Classic are supported in ModMii Skin. ModMii Skin supports the following functions: ModMii Wizard, Abstinence Wizard, USB-Loader Setup, HackMii Solutions, Region Change, Load a Download Queue, SNEEK Installation and NAND builder and Options (including updates).
•Hot Keys are also supported in ModMii Skin for that "ModMii Classic" feel. For example, you can switch between ModMii Skin and ModMii Classic by typing "M" at either Main Menu then hitting Enter.
•ModMii Installer updated to v6.0. It is able to install ModMii v6.0.0 and above. It too has a "Skin" and gives you the option of making shortcuts to ModMii or ModMii Skin on the Desktop and\or the Start Menu. Older versions of the installer will install ModMii v5.5.2, then it will automatically run ModMii after installation and prompt you to update to the most recent version.
•wizapp.exe is now bundled with ModMii and the ModMii Installer in order to support Skin Mode.
•Added play sound at finish option and it's enabled by default. If enabled, it will play a success sound when downloads are successful and an error sound if there are errors. Thanks to my cuz Violator for making these unique short tracks for me on such short notice.
•Updated WiiFlow on ModMii's Download Page 2. It is now an autoupdating download that will grab the most recent release of WiiFlow.
•Updated how the latest hosted version of postloader is detected to support recent changes that were made to the googlecode webpage.
•Updated md5 of postloader channel forwarder so the updated version isn't considered "invalid".
•You may have noticed reading this changelog somewhere new. ModMii has a new official website, Some highlights include a support page with links to the official ModMii forum as well as the new official ModMii IRC channel. Thanks goes out to DeadlyFoez who pretty much put the whole thing together by himself. Also thanks to RobGee789 for graphics and CaseyOmah for helping DeadlyFoez out with some html code.
•Big thanks to person66 for updating his script to launch ModMii and ModMii Skin with an icon, arguments and other useful functions. I also want to thank RobGee789 and M3RK for the awesome graphics they made for ModMii Skin.
•No animals were harmed in the making of this skin.
•Other minor changes.

5.5.2 Changelog:
•Made changes to how ModMii checks for and performs updates. ModMii v5.5.2 performs exactly the same as ModMii v5.5.1 except that it will be able to install future updates. Going forward, all versions of ModMii older than v5.5.2 will be updated to v5.5.2 before being able to update further (ie. v5.6.X when released).

5.5.1 Changelog:
•Fixed bug where ModMii would crash when using the ModMii Wizard if downloading WiiFlow.
•Fixed bug where you could not go return to the page prior to inputting your serial number when building an emulated nand for uneek2o or uneek2o+di (bug did not effect Abstinence Wizard).
•Reverted WiiFlow on ModMii's Download Page 2 back to r304 at FIX94's request. When his mod if WiiFlow is more stable it will be added back to ModMii as an autoupdating download.

5.5.0 Changelog:
•Abstinence Wizard added to ModMii's main menu. You can use this Wizard to prepare the necessary files to load NEEK on any Wii even if it has not been modifed. In short, to avoid voiding your warranty (or for other reasons) if you choose to abstain from softmodding your Wii, you can still play your games off a USB HDD by using the Abstinence Wizard. The recent release of giantpune's 'Casper' (available on ModMii's Download Page 2) is what made this wizard possible. Thanks giantpune!
•Updated WiiFlow on ModMii's Download Page 2. It is now an autoupdating download that will grab the most recent release of FIX94's feature rich and very stable and Mod of WiiFlow.
•Other minor changes.

5.2.1 Changelog:
•Fixed bug where DML was not downloaded when building an emulated NAND.

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