Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dios Mios Lite (cMIOS) r47

by WiiPower, obcd, scooby74029, OverjoY, conanac, emu_kidid, exp0wnster
Use DML to run Gamecube games from SD

r47 * Small fixes to the .elf loading code(crediar) * Removed sd logging in the function IRQHandler, might be unstable
r46 - change CheatCode.c to include two versions of the code-handler (default is for cheat only, use a new define debugger in global.h to change it for debugger version)
r45 * Changed the debug output to write as much as possible to the log file on sd card * Added some debug output when loading .elf files
r44 -changed the __GXSetVAT patch to only patch Zelda:WW and Zelda:CE This fixes all issues r43 had because of this patch. This will be my last commit for the time being.
r43 * Added the patch for __GXSetVAT, fixes the dungeon map freeze in Wind Waker

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